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thehaighter's Journal

14 November
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  • thehaighter@livejournal.com
I'm a geeky Northwest-bred writer now residing in the Midwest. Music and writing are my life, though I read a whole lot, too. I am an incurable music nut who loves collecting CDs. My diet consists of country and christian, in the vast majority of cases. I'm a proud conservative and aspiring activist for the cause.

I am an incurable workaholic who will do anything I need to do in order to pay the bills, while financing my music collection and my love of entire days locked in my apartment with my newest DVD box set. Some people get their kicks by going out to the clubs; I get mine another way. I'm just a normal guy with passions for what I dig.

My goal is to get my writing career off the ground. I study the art of writing relentlessly, especially within my genre of choice. You'll read about that a lot here, in addition to my random rants about music and such cultures, as well as some other things about my life in general. Some say I'm boring, but this is the life I lead and I love it.